National nurses federation directs BCNU to stop raiding other health unions

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The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) has directed the BC Nurses’ Union to scrap its plan to raid members of other health care unions.

The move further isolates BCNU which has already been suspended from participating in labour council, B.C. Federation of Labour and Canadian Labour Congress activities because of its actions.

CFNU president Linda Silas issued the directive to BCNU in an August 5 letter.

“The activities led by BCNU and now found to be raiding under the Canadian Labour Congress constitution have placed your colleagues in a difficult situation,” writes Silas.

In her letter, Silas provides clear direction to BCNU:

“On behalf of the National Executive Board of CFNU, I direct BCNU to uphold both the CLC and CFNU constitutions by ceasing immediately your actions that are found to be raiding under the CLC constitution as per the ruling of CLC president Ken Georgetti, July 30, 2009.”

The 158,000-member CFNU represents nurses’ unions in every province outside of Québec, including the BCNU.

The CFNU held its annual convention in Vancouver earlier this summer where members of HEU and other health unions distributed information to delegates about the BCNU raid on their unions.

BCNU says it wants to represent all health care workers in B.C., including those who are already members of health care unions.