New training money secured for Care Aides and LPNs

The BC Health Education Foundation has provided a $2.5million grant to B.C.’s health authorities to support programs that ensure more effective utilization of care aides and LPNs in 2011.

HEU, along with its union bargaining partners and health employers, first agreed to apply for the grant during last year’s contract negotiations.

The joint application was supported by chief nursing officers and human resource executives from all health authorities.

HEU will provide input and receive reports on how the money is put to work. Health authorities will have the overall responsibility for projects and distribution of the funds.

The funding must be spent to provide education and training for acute care aides; enhance clinical competencies for care aides and LPNs in residential care; develop LPN leadership in residential care; and to provide training for LPNs in renal, emergency, mental health, maternity and peri-operative  specialties.

The new funding complements the union’s work with employers and government through the Joint Engagement Committee established in the last round of facilities bargaining.

“We know there is significant variation in how care aides and LPNs are utilizedacross health authorities,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“Along with our work with health employers and government through the Joint Engagement Committee, these new funds can help us continue to address some of these inequalities.”

This funding is distinct from the FBA Education Fund in which the union receives and allocates training support money directly to members. These new funds will be allocated by health authorities.