No agreement reached on unit coordinator benchmark

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After meeting with the Health Employers Association of BC on Tuesday, unit coordinators on the HEU committee negotiating a new benchmark report some progress, but talks are stalled over a new job title and key benchmark phrases.

“Committee members share the concerns and frustrations of unit coordinators across the province over HEABC’s failure to understand how their work has evolved,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“And there will be no agreement until these issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the committee.”

Composed of five front-line unit coordinators plus two staff advisors — the union committee says that HEABC had indicated 80 per cent agreement with benchmark language HEU proposed earlier this year.

But employers subsequently tabled a completely different proposal.

“Clearly there is much more work to do to achieve a new benchmark — including an appropriate job title — that reflects the rapidly evolving roles and responsibilities of unit coordinators,” says Darcy.

Further meetings will be scheduled with HEABC in the near future.