No pattern established by HSPBA deal, says HEU


A tentative five-year deal reached by the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association with health employers does not establish a pattern for other negotiations in the sector, says the Hospital Employees’ Union. 

The HSPBA agreement announced last week addresses unique concerns including unresolved issues from previous rounds of bargaining for this group of health care workers. 

The HSPBA is a multi-union bargaining group led by the Health Sciences Association and includes the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union, the Professional Employees’ Association, and HEU. 

The HSPBA tentative agreement includes wage increases of approximately 5.5 per cent over five years, and includes changes to benefits administration including the formation of a joint benefits trust, additional Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) representatives and other changes specific to HSPBA.

But HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson says the HSPBA tentative settlement will not set a pattern for negotiations at other health sector tables like Facilities. 

“This tentative framework addresses the particular circumstances and bargaining history of HSA and the HSPBA,” says Pearson. 

“HEU members have their own unique priorities, and we don’t see this settlement as setting in place a framework for our upcoming negotiations.”

HEU held its Facilities Bargaining Conference last week where delegates adopted a number of bargaining priorities and elected their bargaining committee. The union’s Community Health Bargaining Conference will take place next week.