OHSAH unions, employers win prestigious national award for health research

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Funding for agency’s work should be a “no brainer” for health employers at the bargaining table says HEU

B.C.’S HEALTH CARE UNIONS and employers — as partners in the innovative Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare — are very recent recipients of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) `Excellence in Research’ award for Knowledge Translation.

Yet at the facilities subsector bargaining table, the Health Employers Association of B.C. has refused to consider the unions’ proposal that would provide early, renewed funding to continue OHSAH’s work for the prevention of on-the-job injuries to health care workers.

“This prestigious award from Canada’s premier health research body should make it easy for HEABC to agree to our proposal that early funding be given to OHSAH,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“CIHR’s recognition affirms the value of the agency’s work that has saved money and reduced the injury rate of health care workers while improving care to residents and patients.

“Basically, money for OHSAH is a `no brainer’,” says Allnutt.

Allnutt also calls on HEABC to accept the proposal for early, renewed funding for OHSAH.