Online survey gauges time and money spent on re-testing facilities clerical workers

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The HEU clerical subcommittee has created an online survey to collect data on the amount of resources used to re-test clerical workers, covered by the facilities collective agreement.

The Facilities Bargaining Association will present the data in meetings with the Leadership Council (health authority CEOs and senior health ministry officials) as a viable way to save money for health authorities in a time of shrinking budgets.

In recent years, HEU clerical workers have expressed concern about the unnecessary testing they endure when applying for jobs with equal qualifications or for lateral positions that they are already filling. Several members also red-flagged inconsistencies in re-testing across the province as well as within health authorities.

At the pre-bargaining clerical conference last fall, province-wide participants made eliminating re-testing one of their main bargaining priorities.

As a result, the Provincial Bargaining Committee successfully negotiated a provision in the 2010-2012 facilities contract to ensure that typing/keyboarding test results will stay on file for 24 months. Clerical workers – who make up 21 per cent of the union’s membership in more than 85 job classifications – will no longer be required to take a test when applying for a position that requires the same or lesser keyboarding standard than their current position.

Although this is a step forward, it doesn’t address the other types of tests that are sometimes required, such as medical terminology and English.

“We still have a long way to go,” says Carol Kenzie, P.E. member and clerical subcommittee co-chair. “This survey is designed to measure how much time and health care money are wasted on clerical re-testing.”

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief online survey by June 18, 2010.