An 'outrageous rewrite of history'

Re: None of the parties is tackling the job of reforming health care, Editorial, May 11

Stating that the Campbell government "persuaded the Hospital Employees' Union to accept a cut in wages" is an outrageous rewrite of history.

Fortunately, most readers have better memories. But for the record: The Campbell government, with Bill 29, ripped up our contract; privatized key health-support services; fired 8,000 health-care workers; continued to fire workers during contract talks; and then legislated an unprecedented 15-per-cent wage rollback on HEU members, including nurses, trades workers and technicians.

Check out what your own paper said about the Campbell Liberals at the time.

Barbara Yaffe wrote: "The health-care workers' strike is a labour dispute that would not have happened under a competent provincial government."

Your front-page story on the day Bill 37 was imposed said: "The legislation marks the most extreme labour intervention since the B.C. Liberal government was elected in 2001."

Vaughn Palmer concluded: "After three years, they [the Liberals] ought to show more signs of learning on the job. Instead you wonder if this clumsy, desperate amateurism is the best they can muster."

That about sums it up.

Judy Darcy Secretary-Business Manager Hospital Employees' Union