Peace River South MLA gets a taste of Liberal medicine

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HEU local hopes “pink slip” campaign goes provincial

HEALTH CARE WORKERS have given Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom his layoff notice.

Yesterday, a year to the day before British Columbians go to the polls to pass judgment on the provincial Liberal government, a group of HEU members from the Peace River local visited Lekstrom’s office to give the Liberal MLA a year’s notice of his impending “layoff”. They plan to send him monthly reminders until March 17, 2005, when they will give him his 60-day pink slip two months before the scheduled election.

The campaign, conceived by Rotary Manor HEU member Sherry Nornberg, is a response to the B.C. Liberals’ decision to shred legally binding contracts and issue pink slips to more than 8,000 health care workers throughout B.C.

Locally, it’s a vote of non-confidence in the performance of Lekstrom, the former mayor of Dawson Creek who HEU members say has given them the brush-off.

HEU’s Peace River local chair Doris Gripich says Lekstrom — the only Liberal MLA to voice reservations about Bill 37, despite voting for it on final reading — has been dismissive of members who have contacted him about their concerns.

“He’s just been awful as an MLA,” she says, adding that she hopes the “pink slip” idea will become a province-wide movement.

“We’re quite active with our labour council and we’ve talked to them about this,” says Gripich.