PHSA to transfer all services delivered by Health Shared Services BC to newly established BC Clinical and Support Services Society

Member rights, opportunities protected in seamless transfer agreement

About 1,600 HEU members employed by Health Shared Services BC (HSSBC) will be transferring to a newly-established organization – BC Clinical and Support Services Society (BCSSS) – effective April 8, 2016. The transfer includes all jobs in the supply chain, financial and employee services, and technology.

The move comes as part of another round of restructuring in provincial health services, which moves HSSBC services, a division of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), to an independent, stand-alone society.

Following receipt of notice from the employer in early January, regarding PHSA’s plan to restructure the delivery of health shared services, HEU held information meetings with members across the province and struck a negotiating committee comprised of six members and three union staff representatives.

Negotiations with the Health Employers Association of BC, PHSA and BCCSSS began on February 2, 2016, as part of the Section 54 process, and concluded on February 29.

Highlights of the transfer agreement

The transfer agreement between the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) and health employers provides impacted members with:

  • a seamless transfer of all entitlements under the collective agreement 
  • no interruption in pay and benefits or disruption to the approved vacation schedule
  • the right to port all benefits including vacations, special leave, sick leave, banked overtime, and service for severance and vacation entitlement
  • the ability to retain seniority hours accumulated up to the time of transfer and port those hours to the new employer
  • the ability to use retained seniority – for five years following the April 8 transfer – to access employment opportunities, post into a vacancy or register on a casual list with the PHSA

Members who are currently on Long Term Disability will have the right to post into jobs at BCCSS. And all employees who are on leave other than LTD will transfer to the new employer upon their return from leave or in five years from the April 8 transfer date.

Copies of the transfer agreement will be provided to all affected members in the next few weeks. In the meantime, members are asked to direct any questions or concerns to their HEU representative.