Premier is in no position to lecture civic leaders on ethics of breaking agreements — HEU

Gordon Campbell is in no position to lecture municipal politicians on the ethics of upholding agreements, says the Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) in response to comments attributed to the premier in today’s Vancouver Sun.

Campbell is quoted as responding to the new Vancouver mayor’s commitment to an Olympic referendum by saying: “How can people work upfront and honestly with a city council that makes agreements and then breaks them?”

HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt says he’s appalled at the hypocrisy of the premier’s comments.

“Before the last election, Gordon Campbell said he would not rip up legally negotiated collective agreements,” says Allnutt. “But last January, his government shredded collective agreements covering tens of thousands of front-line health care workers in act of legislative vandalism.”

“I’m sure the new Vancouver mayor will keep his promise of an Olympic referendum,” adds Allnutt. “But the path to the premier’s office is littered with broken commitments.”