Progress in Desktop Management Services

HEU, along with its union partners in the Facilities Bargaining Association, held further meetings on December 1 and 3 with health employers, Health Shared Services BC, IBM and their subsidiary Information Systems Management Canada on the possible transition of Desktop Management Services to ISM Canada.

The discussions are intended to work on satisfactory terms and conditions to accommodate those members in Desktop Management Services who may choose to move to ISM Canada’sprovincial government unit.

HEU’s discussions with health employers have included HEU members working in DMS from impacted health authorities.

HEU still does not know how many members may be impacted or the timetable for the transition, but will provide further updates as they become available.

IBM/ISM Canada will be meeting with the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union to discuss a possible agreement. BCGEU represents ISM Canada employees. It is not expected that any formal notice of the transition will be issued by health employers before early next year.