Pulp union’s raid applications dismissed by labour board

The B.C. Labour Relations Board has dismissed applications by the Pulp and Paper Workers’ Union of Canada to raid trades and maintenance workers at three hospitals. The decision was issued Friday.

The Hospital Employees’ Union had argued that the raid would inappropriately fragment the larger HEU bargaining unit and that allowing raids of this nature would lead to instability within the health sector.

The LRB agreed and rejected the pulp union’s applications to raid trades and maintenance workers at Children’s and Women’s, Lions Gate and Vancouver General hospitals.

HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson welcomed the decision and says it will strengthen members’ voices at the bargaining table and in the workplace.

“Raids cause division and divert our focus from the important work that we need to do on behalf of our members,” says Pearson.

“It is important for unions to organize those who do not have union representation currently, so that we can raise the bar for all workers.”

In addition to the three raid applications dismissed by the LRB, the pulp workers’ union had also unsuccessfully attempted to raid an entire HEU local at the Bulkley Valley District Hospital in Smithers last year.  HEU members at the site voted down the raid.