Regional postings survive Bill 29 — another victory for HEU members

LRB confirms rights for unions and their members in facilities and paramedical subsectors

Regional posting rights — one of the main achievements to come out of the 2001 round of health services and support-facilities subsector bargaining — has survived Bill 29 according to a ruling handed down by the Labour Relations Board late Tuesday.

“This is a significant victory for our members and their sisters and brothers in other facilities sub-sector and paramedical unions,” says Hospital Employees’ Union secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “The LRB ruling upholds the unions’ position — health care workers are entitled to regional postings.”

The ruling means that Article 16.03 (6) remains in full force and effect.

The Health Employers Association of BC had argued that regional postings flowed from the 1996 Employment Security and Labour Force Adjustment Agreement (ESLA) and were therefore wiped out by Bill 29 when the Liberals rammed the act through the provincial legislature in the wee, small hours of the night January 28. “The bosses lost. They wanted to expand the contract clauses cut out by Bill 29 and they failed,” says Allnutt.