Self-identification survey is about making our union stronger

Getting to know you…

HEU members are receiving the HEU Member Self Identification Survey in their mailboxes and the completed surveys are pouring back in to the union’s Provincial Office.

Where did the idea for this survey come from?

Delegates to the 2012 HEU convention recognized that our workplaces are changing, our members’ work is changing, and that the demographics of our membership are changing too.

They debated and adopted a plan to build a more responsive union. Part of that plan included direction to get to know our membership better and to identify issues around their participation in the union.

Translations of the survey

Delegates endorsed the notion that we need to ensure our structures and leadership are as representative as possible to meet the needs of our diverse membership, in terms of equity group, sector and occupation. 

They also adopted Resolution 75 that directed the union to review various aspects of the union’s work and our membership and to report to the HEU convention this fall. 

Delegates from HEU locals across the province directed the union to “review the occupation, sector and equity makeup of the membership of the union” including reviewing “the representation of equity seeking groups within the union and report to the 2014 HEU convention.”

There are many ways to compile information about the sectors where our members work and their occupations, mostly from employee lists that we receive from employers.

But the only way we can find out more about the demographic makeup of our membership is by asking members directly for that information. 

The self-identification survey is anonymous. It does not ask for members’ names, workplaces or any other information that would make it possible to identify individual members.

And of course, participation is encouraged, but completely voluntary.

Members can respond to all the questions, or choose not to complete any or all of the questions.

But through the participation of individual members, the union can work towards being a more responsive, inclusive union for all members.