Send Victoria a minimum wage message

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November 1, 2001. It was the last time B.C.’s minimum wage was increased.

With another year gone by without a raise for thousands of workers, it’s an anniversary that is symbolic of the growing economic divide in our province. It spotlights the policies of the B.C. Liberal government that prevent the benefits of a booming economy from being shared by all.

To make it worse, the Liberals gave themselves huge pay boosts, but say no to a higher minimum wage.

We can be proud that the labour movement is leading the way to win a $10 minimum wage that will benefit 250,000 low-paid workers and bring more economic fairness for British Columbians.

To mark the November 1 anniversary, we’re urging union members like you to act immediately to help win more support for our $10 NOW campaign.

Please click on this link to sign our $10 NOW petition or go to <>. Then forward it to family and friends who you know support our efforts. Ask them to sign up before November 1.

If you’re one of the thousands of trade unionists who’ve already signed the petition, then send this link <> to your family and friends and encourage them to sign.

On October 31, we will be lobbying politicians in Victoria for a higher minimum wage.And we’ll be presenting to the Legislature copies of all the petitions that have been signed so far.

Thanks for your help. We are confident that if we keep up the pressure, we’ll win on this important issue for working people.

Jim Sinclair
B.C. Federation of Labour

Fred Muzin
Hospital Employees’ Union