Sharondale Lodge/Sunrise Manor members ratify new contract by 100 per cent

Hospital Employees’ Union members at Sharondale Lodge and Sunrise Manor ratifed their new collective agreement by a vote of 100 per cent on Aug. 31, 2000. They will be part of the Community Social Services contract, which expires on Sept. 30, 2003. The contract gives them substantial increases in wages which go into effect immediately. The wages for residential care workers will rise to $15.00 per hour retroactive to certification. There will be further increases: Oct. 1, 2000 to $15.81, Oct. 1, 2001 to $16.32 and Oct. 1, 2002 to $16.83. The benefit package is considerable for a group of workers who previously had virtually no benefits:

  • B.C. Medical will be 100 per cent employer-paid for plan A and 50 per cent for plan B;
  • extended health plan — 80 per cent of prescriptions with a $25 deductible;
  • on Oct. 1, 2001 eye glass coverage of $225 every 24 months;
  • hearing aid $600 every 48 months;
  • on Apr. 1, 2002 dental plan B plus lifetime orthodontic coverage of $2750;
  • group life insurance $10,000 accidental life and dismemberment;
  • Oct. 1, 2000 Basic life insurance $25,000, on Oct.1 2002 increases to $50,000;
  • facilities subsector style long-term disability plan;
  • 12 months employment security effective Oct. 1, 2000;
  • access to Healthcare Labour Adjustment Agency programs and enhanced consultation; and
  • group RRSP.

“Congratulations to the HEU members at Sharondale Lodge and Sunrise Manor on becoming part of the Community Social Services contract — for them a first collective agreement,” said HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “This will help to lift them out of the wage and benefits ghetto they were in before.”