Show your support for locked-out Telus workers

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HEU has issued a call to action to BC’s health care workers in support of locked out Telus workers — members of the Telecommunications Workers Union.

The union is asking members, their families and friends to step up their solidarity efforts for TWU members by cancelling special phone features and automatic bill payments; joining picket lines and rallies in their communities; and by contacting Canada’s Minister of Labour Joe Fontana.

“Telus workers are facing an extremely hostile employer that appears to be doing everything it can to destroy their union,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “But with the support and solidarity of union members across this province we can help our sisters and brothers stop Telus’ contracting-out agenda.”

The TWU is in its fifth year without a collective agreement. Although Telus employs 25,000 people, the union says less than 12,000 workers are in the bargaining unit, which translates into one “manager” for every worker.

The union’s key issues are contracting-out and job security.

HEU president Fred Muzin is urging health care workers to voice their support for TWU through every means possible. “Their struggle is our struggle,” he says.

For more information and updates on the Telus lockout, go to the BC Fed’s website at and click on “Telus — Another Wrong Number.”