Solid progress on new benchmark for unit coordinators

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B.C.’s unit coordinators are a step closer to establishing a benchmark that recognizes their evolving role in health care.

The Hospital Employees’ Union’ s unit coordinators’ committee wrapped up their first meeting with health employers on March 1 with agreement on about 80 per cent of a new benchmark recognizing the rapidly evolving duties and responsibilities of these health professionals.

HEU’s acting secretary-business manager Zorica Bosancic is hoping that final agreement on the benchmark will be reached within the next few weeks.

“Unit coordinators have been very effective in educating their local employers about their evolving duties and responsibilities on nursing units,” says Bosancic. “That’s why we made solid progress in our initial meeting with health employers this week.

“It’s important that we keep up the pressure as we work to conclude the benchmark and move on to discussions about an appropriate level of pay that recognizes these duties and responsibilities.”

HEU’s unit coordinators have been meeting regionally since last spring to discuss the need for a unified benchmark that recognized the central role they’re now expected to fulfill on hospital nursing units.

And the union’s unit coordinators’ committee has been meeting since November to hammer out a proposal for a new benchmark.

Unit coordinators are charged with a range of complex tasks including the transcription and processing of doctors’ orders and the prioritization of daily activities on their units affecting both patients and staffing.