Study on the costs and impact of work-related injuries in health care

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The Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in British Columbia (OHSAH) is conducting a study on the economic costs and personal impact that injuries have on health care workers.

The goal is to determine how an injury affects a health care worker in terms of financial costs and quality of life.

If you are injured at work between March and September 2009, you may receive a letter in the mail asking you to participate in this study. Participants will be asked to fill out a weekly report for at least 12 weeks, depending on the duration of the injury.

This study – funded by OHSAH and WorkSafeBC – has the full support of HEU, the other health care unions, HEABC, the health authorities, and the University of British Columbia.

Please take time to participate in this important survey if you receive a request from OHSAH. This will help everyone – health care workers, unions, employers, the government – understand the true costs of an injury.