Summer survey of members will focus on bargaining concerns

Member poll provides Union with insight on members’ bargaining concerns

Hundreds of HEU members will be receiving phone calls from the union’s polling firm as part of a comprehensive survey of membership attitudes on bargaining issues.

Pre-bargaining polling in the past has provided the Union with an overall perspective on the issues that are foremost on members’ minds. And the information collected will assist the union in defining and delivering the union’s bargaining message to politicians and the public.

“These surveys are an important tool in our bargaining preparations,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “And members should be assured that their individual responses to the survey are both anonymous and confidential.”

HEU’s long time polling firm, McIntyre and Mustel, will carry out the telephone poll sometime in July. To obtain a statistically sound read of members’ opinions, roughly 800 union members will be contacted and asked to participate in the 15 to 20 minute interview process. The survey sample will be drawn from a randomly generated list of 5,000 members who have been notified by mail that they may be contacted by the polling firm.

If you have any questions about the poll, contact Stephen Howard, HEU director of communications and research, at 739-1506 or 1-800-663-5813.