Sunset Lodge fightback gains momentum

Help support the Appeal for Justice campaign

A fight for justice over the Salvation Army’s mass firing of dietary, maintenance, housekeeping and clerical staff at Victoria’s Sunset Lodge is gaining momentum as trade unionists and community activists continue to throw their support behind the laid-off workers.

An Appeal for Justice campaign, launched by the B.C. Nurses’ Union on August 10, and a strongly worded letter from the B.C. Federation of Labour, challenge the Salvation Army to live up to its moral responsibilities and reinstate the fired workers.

All HEU locals are asked to circulate the appeal as widely as possible, in solidarity with our members in Victoria, and join the growing number of citizens who are standing up against the Salvation Army’s cold-hearted decision to axe its long time staff and replace them with privatized services.

“These workers have been waging a remarkable fightback against an employer that hides behind its public mission to help the poor, while throwing women into poverty,” said HEU secretary business-manager Chris Allnutt.

“By supporting the Appeal for Justice campaign we have an opportunity to expose the Sally Ann’s hypocrisy as well as pressure their top leadership into re-evaluating the kind of exploitative labour practices that have disrupted the lives of Sunset Lodge workers and residents.”

The health services workers, whose last day on the job was August 9, are demanding an investigation into the Salvation Army’s treatment of staff and residents at Sunset Lodge.

Click here for a copy of the Appeal for Justice petition.

Click here for a copy the letter sent by Jim Sinclair, BC. Fed president, to the Salvation Army.