Support Workers’ contest winners announced

HEU support workers carry out critical roles on the health care team in housekeeping, dietary, laundry, transportation, and in the supply chain. 

But these jobs are often invisible to the public and even to other health care workers. 

To help show that health care thrives with dedicated HEU support workers, HEU’s Support Workers’ subcommittee recently sponsored a Support Workers’ contest and congratulations go to the following contest winners:

-      E-reader winners: Charlotte Butler (Smithers), Carolyn Thierbach (Edgewater), Ranjit Saran (Port Alberni) and Diane Moore (Surrey);  

-      $100 HEU Boutique gift cards winners: Tracy Sinclair (Smithers), Lin Klim (Windermere) and Susan Arlitt (Campbell River); and

-      $75 HEU Boutique gift cards winners: Barb Thomson (Telkwa), Angela Christensen (Edgewater) and Sandy Fairhurst (Campbell River).

And here are some insightful comments from contest entries about the valuable role of support workers in our health care system:

  • “Support workers are the pillars of our health care structure.”
  • “Support workers keep our workplace healthy and happy.”
  • “Support workers are our first line of defense for overall health.”
  • “Just think of what our hospitals would be like without us. We are the ones who keep it all clean – the front line in infection prevention and control.”
  • “Wow, our support workers are awesome. The place is spotless! They are extra eyes and ears helping us provide a safe, loving environment.”
  • “We may not be direct patient/resident care staff…but we are staff that care!”

HEU appreciates and thanks everyone who entered the Support Workers’ contest.