Take action for refugee health care in Vancouver on June 18

Monday noon, June 18, Vancouver’s Citizenship and Immigration office, 1148 Hornby Street

A cross-country day of action on Monday, June 18 takes aim at the Harper Conservative government’s plan to drastically cut health care for refugees at the end of the month.

The demonstrations in 13 cities are part of a growing wave of outrage at the cuts, which were announced in late April and take effect June 30.

The cuts will deny refugees access to preventative care or treatment – only “urgent or essential care” will be covered. 

The cuts also end coverage for basic medication, vision and dental care. Chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes will also go unmanaged, leading to spiraling health problems. 

Only infectious diseases and psychiatric conditions that are a safety threat to others will be treated. The new policy denies care to all refugees from countries Canada deems safe – a sweeping move that leaves no room to consider individual cases. 

HEU members will be joining health care workers and other members of the community to protest the cuts to refugee health care. 

The rally will take place at 12:00 noon at the Citizen and Immigration Canada office, 1148 Hornby Street, Vancouver.

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