Talks on Interior laundry services continue despite RFP, says HEU

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THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION will continue discussions with Interior Health on March 16 to find ways to keep laundry services and decent jobs in Interior communities, HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt confirmed today.

While the union is disappointed that IH has issued a request for proposals for laundry services, Allnutt said that the union will continue its efforts to ensure that quality of service is maintained and solutions are found to keep skilled health care workers and good jobs in the communities served by IH.

In an earlier development elsewhere in the province, Northern Health on February 12 signed a letter of understanding with HEU and other health unions that will involve front-line health care workers in finding more cost-effective ways to deliver health services in the North.

The decision meant that existing requests for proposals covering food, laundry and housekeeping services were cancelled and no HEU jobs lost as a result. The agreement did not involve any concessions, wages or otherwise, to the collective agreement.

“HEU is hopeful that a similar agreement can be achieved in the Interior,” says Allnutt.