Teachers deserve your support

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BC Teachers — members of the BC Teachers’ Federation began limited job action on September 28. And they deserve your support.

Many HEU members with children or grandchildren know about increasing school fees, crowded classrooms, and the lack of textbooks and other supplies. And you understand why it’s important that teachers take a stand to help improve learning conditions for all students.

Firm limits on class size, adequate support for students with special needs, more teacher-librarians, counsellors, ESL and learning assistance teachers: all these improvements are fundamental to a quality education. That’s what teachers are fighting for.

The BCTF’s goals at the bargaining table have been clear: improved learning conditions for students, restored bargaining rights for teachers, and a reasonable salary increase.

The BCTF is actively involved in talks with BC’s deputy labour minister, and are doing everything possible to achieve a negotiated settlement without escalating job action.

And HEU members can help.

  • Call, write or visit your MLA and tell her or him that you support BC teachers in their fight for better learning conditions for kids, restoration of teachers’ bargaining rights and a fair wage increase. And tell your MLA that this is an opportunity for the BC Liberal government to take a different approach to public sector labour relations that relies on negotiation — not legislation. You can find your MLA’s contact information including phone and fax numbers here
  • Call or write the chairperson of your local school board to state your support for BC teachers. You can find that information here

And you can always stay up to speed on the latest development in the teachers’ fight for a fair contract by visiting the BCTF website where you’ll also find more information about teachers’ fight for improved learning conditions, restoration of their collective bargaining rights and a fair wage increase.

Teachers have been by our side when we’ve fought for better caring conditions for our patients, residents and clients. Let’s stand with teachers as they fight for better learning conditions for our kids.