Trades benchmark review completed

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After discussions and negotiations that began in May 2007, members of the joint union and employer trades classification committee have agreed to revise 17 of 24 benchmarks, as well as create two new benchmarks in the trades job family.

Effective December 1, 2008, positions within the trades classification will be reviewed and adjusted to match updated or new benchmarks.

Dozens of HEU trades workers participated in the benchmark review through conferences, written input and through direct presentations to the employer.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy congratulated the committee members and all who contributed for their hard work and persistence.

“This process has brought 20-year-old trades benchmarks in line with today’s modern health care institutions and equipment,” says Darcy. “These changes are important for HEU members and for the effective delivery of patient services.”

In addition to the 17 revisions, the refrigeration mechanic and air condition mechanic have been combined into a single benchmark called refrigeration/air conditioning (R/AC) mechanic. And the head refrigeration mechanic and the head air conditioning mechanic have been combined into the head refrigeration/air conditioning (R/AC) mechanic.

Both parties also agreed to create two new benchmarks, millwright and head millwright, and to delete three benchmarks, plasterer and head plasterer, as well as head laundry mechanic.

Click here for the revised benchmarks.