UBC Hospital moves to correct problems at facility

Cooperation between union and management was key to resolution

HEU and management at the University of British Columbia Hospital have agreed on actions that need to be taken to clear up the issues that have been plaguing the facility in the past.

Hospital management circulated a list of the steps to all housekeeping staff, explaining what actions have been taken and will be taken to avoid any more problems in the future. The union had ample input into the ideas contained in the list and has signed off on all of them.

Actions already taken include the appointment of Laura Kohut as corporate director. She will oversee a restructuring of the management of housekeeping services at UBCH and also VGH. She will report to vice-president, facilities planning and operations.

UBCH is recruiting a new manager, housekeeping and laundry services, and a new supervisor of housekeeping services.

Improvement in scheduling, workshops with labour and management input, better communications and assessments of cleaning quality in the housekeeping department are some of the ways the hospital will work to improve the situation at UBCH.

“We are pleased that the employer took this situation seriously,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “We have every reason to hope that this will contribute towards a more healthy working environment for our members and all staff at the facility.”

HEU members who have any questions on the issue should contact their local executive members.