Union exchanges comparability proposals with HEABC

But health employers continue with appeal of historic award

HEU representatives have wrapped up two days of discussions with their counterparts from the Health Employers Association of B.C. focusing on the implementation of more than $100 million in pay equity adjustments contained in arbitrator Stephen Kelleher's Sept. 21 ruling on the issue of comparability. During meetings held Nov. 12 and 15 the two sides exchanged proposals on how to apply the comparability adjustments. HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt says the union has provided HEABC with a counterproposal to the employers most recent position. Allnutt expects an employer response at the next meeting scheduled for Nov. 29. The two sides have also agreed to meet on Dec. 13. "It's a positive sign that health employers are sitting down with us to discuss implementation," says Allnutt. "But unfortunately HEABC is still pressing forward with its appeal of Kelleher's ruling — a move that could add even further and considerable delays to closing the final chapter in HEU's pay equity plan if theyíre successful." Allnutt says HEU's membership has never hesitated in the past to mobilize to win justice on comparability and pay equity, "so depending on what happens over the coming weeks we may have to do so one more time in order close this final chapter in our lengthy struggle to erase pay discrimination." Allnutt and other senior union leaders continue with a special speaking tour to keep members up- to-date on developments. This week, special reports were given to HEU members attending regularly scheduled local union meetings at Vancouver General and St. Paul's. Allnutt also reported on comparability developments at a meeting for Victoria area local members. HEU members can keep up to date on comparability developments by calling the comparability/pay equity hotline at 739-1515 in the Lower Mainland or toll-free at 1-800-663-5813 and asking for or dialing local 515.