Union members invited to take back their power

HEU’s 1999 Summer School will show them how

Sign-up for this year’s HEU Summer School is underway. Participants will learn how “to take back our power” at the University of British Columbia campus from July 21-29.

This is an ideal opportunity for union activists — and those who are interested in becoming activists — to gain the tools they need to hone their leadership skills, work in their locals to organize and galvanize local members and be able to talk about social and class issues. And so much more.

There are always interesting and dynamic guest speakers at Summer School. Elaine Bernard, executive director of the Harvard University Trade Union program, is sure to give an interesting overview of trade unionism today.

Other speakers are not yet confirmed. Artist Claire Kujundzic will show how to create a mural.

One evening will be set aside for the Provincial Executive to meet students, and there will be an equity evening. Participants will be able to network with union sisters and brothers from all over the province, discuss common problems, and celebrate successes.

An important part of the school will focus on social justice issues and class consciousness, and why it is important for the trade union movement to be in the forefront on these issues.

They will learn what they need to go out and organize in the workplace, their locals and communities. The union will cover all participants’ costs including wage loss, travel expenses, accommodation and per diems. Onsite professional child care is provided during the day and evening sessions or subsidized child care is provided for up to $100 per day on non-working days during Summer School. There will be a dance on the last evening with HEU’s favourite band, the Ginger Group, providing the — always — rousing music.

The first and last days of the school (21st and 29th) are designated for travel and the opening and closing plenaries.

Applications are available from your local secretary-treasurer and they need to be in the Provincial Office by May 7, 1999. Information and application forms are also on HEU’s website at www.heu.org.