Union Security—part of our team in the Simon Fraser Health Region

HEU launches campaign to bring security officers into bargaining unit HEU locals in the Simon Fraser Health Region are launching a public campaign to support the union's efforts to bring security staff into the bargaining unit and covered by the rights and protections of the facilities sector collective agreement. The security staff work beside other health care workers yet are paid as little as $8.30 an hour for putting their necks on the line each day. They have no job security, no paid sick leave, no pensions, no long-term disability, and no protection from being reassignedñwithout notice-to a construction site or shopping mall. And the Simon Fraser Health Region and Burnaby General, Royal Columbian, Eagle Ridge and Ridge Meadows hospitals are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep security staff out of our bargaining unit. In other hospitals-VGH and UBC in Vancouver, Royal Inland in Kamloops-the employers have agreed to bring the security officers under the collective agreement. "Health care facilities are dangerous places to work where health care workers face more on-the-job incidents of force and violence that any other occupation in B.C.," said HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. "Security officers ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and the public. They deserve the same rights and protections we enjoy because they're an integral and vital part of our health care team." HEU is five days into an arbitration for a declaration that our security co-workers belong in our union. The employers are stalling, and stretching it out into a marathon that will take many, many months, fighting every inch of the way. Security staff need our support now. Be an active member in our campaign. Watch for the "Union Security - Part of our Team" petition, sign it and pass it around. And plan to attend the Simon Fraser Health Board meeting on Dec. 2 to show the board that HEU stands beside our security co-workers. Let's make sure security officers know theyíre part of our team.