Update for Compass VIHA members

As you are aware, many changes are happening for HEU members working for Compass at Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) sites. With the exception of Compass Crothall staff at Victoria General Hospital, Cowichan District Hospital and Nanaimo Hospital, all VIHA Compass staff have received lay-off notices.

On August 10, HEU met with Compass/Marquise to discuss our issues and concerns.

On August 15, HEU executive officers and stewards will be meeting with HEU staff to discuss all the complexities of these upcoming changes and to recommend appropriate HEU responses. On August 17, the HEU will be meeting again with Compass/Marquise management to propose transition plans.

The purpose of this bulletin is to summarize the changes that are happening and the HEU response to these changes.

1. Marquise sites (Queen Alexandra, Gorge Road, Saanich Peninsula, Priory, Mt. Tolmie, Glengarry and Aberdeen):

  • All Compass employees were laid off.
  • Marquise is taking over the running of these sites on a phased-in basis beginning October 1.
  • Compass has purchased Marquise.
  • HEU and Marquise/Compass are in discussions to have the lay-off notices rescinded, to continue the employment of current employees, and to have the least amount of disruption for staff and residents possible.

2. RJH (Crothall) housekeepers:

  • VIHA awarded the RJH housekeeping contract to Acciona.
  • Compass issued lay-off notices to all Compass (Crothall) staff at RJH, effective September 16.
  • HEU is in discussions with Compass regarding bumping and other options for laid-off RJH staff.

3. RJH and VGH food services (Morrison) staff:

  • Compass plans to reorganize RJH and VGH food services and introduce a new "Steamplicity" system.
  • All food services staff received lay-off notices.
  • HEU is in discussions with Compass regarding the rescinding of the lay-off notices, and a labour adjustment plan to respond to the reorganized food delivery model.

All of these matters will be dealt with by the HEU and Compass/Marquise over the coming days and weeks. Member updates will be sent as soon as we have clarity, or agreement, on member options.

In the meantime, should you have questions, please tell your shop steward or call HEU servicing representative Jennifer Duggan at the Victoria regional office at 250-480-0533 or 1-800-742-8001.