Update for HEU members employed by Compass and Marquise at VIHA sites

On Sunday, October 2, 2011 HEU was finally able to reach an agreement with your employer that meets the union’s primary objective – ensuring that as many members as possible are able to continue to be employed with Compass Group and Marquise.

In the next few days we will be able to provide you with more detailed information. In the meantime, however, this is a brief update on the next steps in what has been a long and stressful process for all affected members.

For HEU members who are employed at the seven Marquise sites (Queen Alexandra, Gorge Road, Saanich Peninsula, Priory, Mt. Tolmie, Glengarry and Aberdeen) you will be voting in the next few weeks on a tentative collective agreement, which is identical to the Compass collective agreement.

For members who want to continue working for Compass Group our top priority now is ensuring that seniority and fairness are applied in the expedited job placement process, and that casual staff will have an opportunity to review where they can register for work.

As you know, attempts to reach an agreement with your employer have been greatly frustrated by several complications that began with Compass Group losing their contract with VIHA for housekeeping and food services at the seven sites to Marquise; Compass Group’s subsequent acquisition of Marquise; and the loss of Compass Group’s contract at Royal Jubilee Hospital to Acciona.

On the weekend, however, we were finally able to reach our goal, which has always been to retain as many members’ jobs as possible and to provide members with employment options that recognize their seniority and qualifications.

Please stay tuned for more information. Membership meetings will be held over the next few weeks.