Update on IWA dispute

THE CANADIAN LABOUR CONGRESS Executive Committee met Monday to address last month’s umpire ruling that the Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers Union (IWA — Canada) is in violation of the CLC constitution because it has sought to represent workers where CUPE/HEU already has an established work relationship.

CUPE National President Paul Moist argued strongly that the CLC should impose full sanctions on the IWA-Canada until such time as it:
  • withdraws all certification applications for former HEU work;
  • ceases and desists from signing further agreements related to HEU work; and
  • withdraws from its health care partnership agreements with the four multinational health care corporations taking over the work.
CUPE’s position in this dispute was endorsed unanimously by CUPE’s recent national convention.

An agreement was reached at the CLC Executive Committee meeting to continue discussions until the CLC Executive Committee meets again by conference call on November 14, 2003. In the meantime, the IWA-Canada will withdraw its application for certification at Renfrew Lodge.

Click here for a Microsoft Word version of the emergency resolution.