VIHA to create new care aide schedules for VGH and RJH as a result of HEU grievance

Following HEU’s successful grievance regarding the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s handling of HCA/care aide postings at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospital earlier this year, VIHA is creating new rotations, which will be available to care staff on Monday, June 23.

Prior to the January postings, HEU had strongly objected to VIHA’s process, their proposed six-day rotations, the inclusion of days, evening and nights in the same rotations, and the increased use of part-time positions.

“It’s taken awhile, but we are pleased to report that VIHA has now agreed to implement the recommendations of an arbitrator and is currently creating new postings, which will remove days, evenings and nights in the same rotations,” says HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson.

VIHA is also trying to address the six-day consecutive shift issue. And the union understands VIHA will also eliminate part-time positions wherever feasible, as per the collective agreement.

HEU is asking members with any concerns to contact their local shop steward. If people are not sure about how to connect with a union steward, that contact information can be found on the HEU bulletin board in your facility.