Vince Ready to chair joint committee on Bill 29 compensation

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Respected labour mediator/arbitrator Vince Ready will chair the joint union/employer governance committee that will allocate the $68 million in compensation negotiated as part of the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) Bill 29 Settlement Agreement.

Over the next few months, under Ready’s oversight, the committee will determine a process for the identification and categorization of Bill 29-impacted individuals entitled to payment from the fund.

Bill 29 is the 2002 legislation that voided contracting-out provisions in health care collective agreements.

“We are pleased that Mr. Ready is available to serve as an independent chair of this committee,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“His expertise will be helpful in making sure that we have a process that is fair and equitable.”

The $68 million designated for payments to Bill 29-impacted workers is one element in a total financial package of $75 million. The package also includes two million dollars for retraining for individuals previously laid off due to contracting out, and five million dollars for retraining of any employees laid off due to contracting out under the 700 FTE cap in the existing 2006-2010 facilities subsector collective agreement.

The governance committee will be comprised of three representatives appointed by the FBA and three representatives appointed by the Health Employers Association of BC.