Wage increases, pay equity adjustments kick in April 1

Facilities members receive $58 a month wage boost All HEU members working in the facilities sector will see their monthly wage rates rise by $58 a month on April 1 as a result of negotiated wage increases in the last round of collective bargaining. The hike represents the across-the-board equivalent of a two per cent general wage increase as mandated by union's last wage policy conference. On an hourly basis this amounts to about 37 cents an hour. Also on April 1, previously agreed to pay equity adjustments equivalent to one per cent of payroll will kick in for selected classifications where the pay equity gap is the widest. The following classifications receive a pay equity adjustment of $74 a month: Switchboard Operator, Switchboard Super I-III, Activity Workers I-IV, Nursing Assistant I (Care Aide), Nursing Assistant II (LPN/Orderly), Nursing Assistant III (Sterile Supply), Cook II, Cook VI and Cook VII. Food Service Supervisors I-IV receive a $97 a month pay equity adjustment. The April 1 general wage increase is in line with the vast majority of public sector settlements which were limited by the provincial government to 0, 0 and 2 per cent over three-year contracts. "With one year left in our collective agreement, it's important for HEU members to start talking about wage and other contract demands,î says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. "And this fall, representatives from HEU locals around the province will gather in Richmond to hammer out our collective bargaining agenda at the unionís wage policy conference." April 1, 2000 General Wage Increase Facilities Sector $58 a month