What to do with your referendum ballot?

The Provincial Executive encourages all HEU members to boycott the Liberal government referendum by spoiling your ballot (with the referendumb stickers for example) and by participating in community-based protest action against the referendum.

Here’s why:

  • recognition of rights for a minority should never by the subject of a majority referendum;
  • the referendum is encouraging racism against our First Nations;
  • the referendum questions are deliberately confusing and designed to get a particular answer;
  • a broad coalition of people’s organizations — the First Nations themselves, the B.C. Federation of Labour, church groups and others — support the boycott; and
  • the Campbell Liberals are using the same approach with First Nations as they are using against HEU members — confrontation and dishonesty.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do with your referendum ballot:

  • spoil your ballot so no one can use it;
  • do not send it in to Elections B.C.;
  • participate in community ballot protests (like central ballot collecting); or
  • throw your ballot into the recycling bin.