Why privatized food services don’t work

HEU pamphlet exposes faulty assumptions and lack of research

As health authorities move to contract out food services in B.C.’s hospitals and long-term care facilities, the Hospital Employees’ Union has published a four-page pamphlet debunking many of the myths used to promote privatization and exposing the lack of credible research behind the health authorities’ contracting out agenda.

In addition to outlining problems that have occurred with privatized food services in other jurisdictions, A Recipe for Disaster exposes the faulty claim that contracting out will save money. In fact, studies show that in the long run contracting out costs more, not less.

It also raises important concerns about the impact decreased nutrition and meal quality has on patients, and discusses the critical link between good nutrition and the therapeutic healing process.

Copies of the pamphlet are available at the HEU Provincial Office mailroom. Call 604-456-7131 or 1-800-663-5813, local 7131.

If you have the capacity to print 11” X 17” — click here Recipe for Disaster to download the electronic version of the pamhlet.