World Water Day 2014: Back the tap and keep water public

CUPE newsletter: March 22 is World Water Day – a day to step up our work defending public water and wastewater services. We can all take action in our workplaces and in our neighbourhoods. Here are a few ways:

  • Take action on bottled water in your local, workplace or community. March 19 is Bottled Water Free Day. Visit for action ideas, and to take the tap water pledge.
  • The Harper Conservatives are using infrastructure funding to force more municipalities into water and wastewater P3s. There is a better way. Learn about and share the Alternative Federal Budget. The AFB is a financial blueprint for maintaining, upgrading and expanding municipal water and wastewater services without privatization. The AFB also outlines concrete steps to ensure safe, clean drinking water in First Nation communities. 

Together we can fight privatization, and promote water as a public service and a human right.

Read: National President Paul Moist and National Secretary-Treasurer Charles Fleury’s full World Water Day statement

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