Young workers: Canada’s future labour leaders

September is the month of action for young HEU members at locals across B.C.

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HEU is launching Young Workers’ Month of Action this September to inform, educate and inspire young health care workers throughout the province.

Whether your membership is large or small, chances are good that you have young HEU members at your work site. And chances are good that some of them will become future shop stewards, local chairpersons, and even Provincial Executive members.

That’s why HEU is encouraging all members to take part in this awareness month for young workers.

Unions across Canada are recognizing that we must mobilize the next generation of leaders and activists to build on the gains achieved in previous decades.

There are many ways to get involved. You can invite young workers to your September local meeting; share stories with them about why you became active in the union; wear the Inform, Educate, Inspire stickers throughout September to let these workers know they can approach you with questions and ideas; or even host a pizza lunch or potluck and recruit young workers to attend.

Use these opportunities to get to know each other, and find out what issues matter to the young workers in your local. And feel free to share your stories with HEU’s young workers’ committee.

The committee has put together a package of materials with suggestions on making this September the month to inform, educate and inspire the future of HEU.