Provincial Executive elections

Provincial Executive candidate statements

As per Article 6 of the HEU Constitution and By-Laws, delegates to the 32nd Biennial Convention interested in running for a position on the Provincial Executive are provided with an opportunity to “submit their photograph, brief biographies, and maximum two hundred (200) word candidate statement…” 90 days before the convention. Brief biographies were limited to 100 words.

Delegates were told that light editing for spelling and grammar would be provided but that content would be cut off at the word count limits.

Please note that any delegate can seek nomination for election at the convention, whether or not they have submitted a statement by the deadline above.

You must be a delegate to the HEU convention in order to run for election to the Provincial Executive at the November 1—5 convention. You can find a description of the roles of the PE positions in Article 7 of the constitution.

Read the HEU Constitution and By-Laws

As the convention will be held virtually, candidate statements will be available on the virtual convention platform.

The 21 positions that will be elected at the 2021 convention are:

  • President
  • Financial Secretary
  • 1st Vice-President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • 3rd Vice-President
  • Senior Trustee-Elect
  • Senior Trustee
  • Trustee    

Regional Vice-Presidents

  • Fraser (3 positions)
  • Interior (3 positions)
  • Northern (2 positions)
  • Vancouver Coastal (3 positions)
  • Vancouver Island (2 positions)

READ THE Provincial Executive candidate statements