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Still waiting for ballot count

The Employment Standards Branch of the Ministry of Labour is still preparing for a count of ballots cast by LPNs earlier this summer.

At some point in the near future, the Branch will produce a list of voters that will be examined by HEU, BCNU and health employers to ensure that only those LPNs that are eligible to vote are included in the count.

The ballots will remain sealed until the actual count.

The Branch says the high volume of ballots and the scope of the vote are the reasons for the delay.

They have not yet set a date for the count.


BCNU president cites need for more RNs on CKNW, but silent on need for more LPNs 

This past Wednesday, BCNU president Debra MacPherson told CKNW radio that the solution to nursing staff shortages was to hire more registered nurses.

It's a suprising position for the BCNU to take, considering their bid to raid LPNs from HEU and other unions, with a promise to represent their interests too.

Asked for a reaction to her comments, an HEU spokesperson told CKNW that the nursing team needs more LPNs, along with more RNs.

It's pretty simple.

Patients and residents won't benefit from the full value of our nursing team until LPNs are empowered to use their education, training and competencies in a wider range of care settings.

HEU seeks clarification on LRB raid decision

HEU has filed for a judicial review of a Labour Relations Board decision which denied HEU and other parties a fair hearing on the issue of the BCNU raid.

This action will not delay the counting of LPN ballots cast in the recent union representation vote.

HEU is asking the B.C. Supreme Court to quash a June 14 decision by a two-member majority on a three-member LRB reconsideration panel.

Essentially, the majority decision was a refusal to hear legal arguments on whether BCNU's raid applications were lawful.

They provided no reasons for their decision.

In a strongly-worded dissent, the third member of that panel stated that the issues were important enough that the Board ought to have taken another look.

If successful, the LRB could be instructed to hear out HEU and other parties on their objections to an earlier LRB decision which cleared the way for the raid vote.