Seniors' care

Effectively Utilizing B.C.'s Licensed Practical Nurses and Care Aides report (2008)

CNAC report on residential care staffing and quality of care (November 2006) 

Changes in Long-Term Care for Elderly People with Dementia: A Report from the Front Lines (September 2000)

Staffing Levels in Not-For-Profit and For-Profit Long-term Care Facilities (March 2005)

Reducing injuries in Intermediate Care Part 1 (February 2003)

Reducing Injuries - Part 2 (Ergonomic Report) (February 2003)

Reducing Injuries - Summary Report (February 2003)

Jumping on the Alberta Bandwagon (September 2002)

Eldercare: on the auction block (September 2002)

Regulation of 'Independent Living' (May 2003)

Continuing Care, Renewal and Retreat (April 2005)

From Support to Isolation (June 2006)