Shop Steward Training

Shop Steward - Introduction

This course gives participants the skills and confidence they need to become shop stewards. It also teaches new stewards how to foster union solidarity and motivate our members and supporters into action when required.

Participants learn the most effective ways to handle grievances and complaints, the responsibilities they accept as shop stewards, guidelines for interpreting and defending collective agreement provisions, and basic health and safety concepts.

The Introduction to Shop Steward training is provided in two parts. The first part is a two-day introductory level one workshop with classroom instruction. After six to 12 months of workplace experience (including grievance handling), then stewards can excel to level two training, which is an additional two-day workshop.

Two-Day Intro Shop Steward Workshops 2018

HEU will be holding Shop Steward Workshops throughout the province in 2018.

These workshops are two days in length and are designed to offer information, skills and tools for members who are active, or interested in becoming active, shop stewards at the work site.

Level 1 workshops are intended for members new to stewarding. Level 2 workshops are designed for members who have already attended an Introductory Shop Steward workshop and are actively stewarding at the work site.

Find a Level One workshop in your region

Sechelt Level 1 - February 27-28 (deadline has passed)

Victoria Level 1 - March 6-7 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 1 - March 13-14 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 1 - May 8-9 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 1 - June 12-13 (workshop cancelled)

Kelowna Level  1 - March 20-21 (deadline has passed)

Kamloops Level 1 - April 17-18  (deadline has passed)

Nelson Level 1 - May 1-2 (deadline has passed) 

Terrace Level 1 - April 24-25 (deadline has passed)

Find a Level Two workshop in your region

Sechelt Level  2 - March 1-2 (deadline has passed)

Victoria Level 2 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 2 - March 15-16 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 2 - May 10-11 (deadline has passed)

Burnaby Level 2 - June 14-15  (workshop cancelled)

Kelowna Level 2 - March 22-23 (deadline has passed)

Cranbrook Level 2 - April 4-5 (deadline has passed) 

Kamloops Level 2 - April 19-20 (dead has passed)

Terrace Level 2 - April 26-27 (deadline has passed)

Courtenay Level 2 - May 1-2 (deadline has passed)

Nelson Level 2 - May 3-4 (deadline has passed)

Shop Steward - Intermediate (Chief Shop Steward)

HEU’s Intermediate Shop Steward (Chief Shop Steward) course provides participants with in-depth training on more complex types of grievances.

Members must complete the Introduction to Shop Steward course - levels one and two - before taking this advanced-level workshop.

This workshop is for Chief Shop Stewards, Steward Coordinators or Site-specific Representatives.

The goals for this workshop are identifying common challenges and successes in maintaining a strong shop steward team that works effectively with the local executive, providing training and tools to assist chief steward/site representatives to mentor less experienced activists, encouraging responsive leadership development and recruiting new activists, and discussing individual action plans that foster personal leadership skills and create regional support networks.

  • No Intermediate Shop Steward workshops scheduled. Please check back later.