Solving workplace problems

Every collective agreement includes a grievance and arbitration process to help you protect your rights in the workplace.

If you have a problem, contact your local shop steward. Your steward will help you deal with problems you’re facing on the job, and if necessary, file a grievance.

Shop stewards are co-workers, like yourself, who have been trained to advocate for members in the workplace. They are there to help you and will accompany you to any meetings with management.

When necessary, stewards may involve other local officers or an HEU servicing representative. And in some cases, the union may decide to take the issue to an outside arbitrator who will look at all the information and make a decision.

If you are interested in becoming a shop steward, HEU offers many courses throughout the year – Union Activism, Introductory Shop Steward, Know and Enforce Your Rights, Advanced Shop Steward. Visit HEU’s education section for more information.