We hold their hands and try to have that connection with them


“In residential care our number one priority is looking after the residents and making sure all their needs are met. From getting them out of bed and fed, to helping with hair. We make sure they’re comfortable. We spend time with residents and get them ready for visits with their loved ones.

All the care aides have stuck together which I’m really impressed by. If we are short in one area everyone pitches in and the level of interaction with everybody has been really good.  It's been frustrating but we have pulled together as a team.

We are diligent about gowning up and wearing our masks and glasses or face shields. The masks are worn all day and we are constantly washing our hands.

It’s challenging for us. We have to explain to the residents that they can’t see their loved ones like before because there is a virus going on and some of them don’t understand.

We're basically their family right now so it’s hard if they are sick or upset.  We hold their hands and try to have that connection with them.

I do miss the potlucks and other team activities that show appreciation for everybody and gives us something to look forward to. We have done some fun stuff at work to try and keep our spirits up but it’s a tough time right now.

I’m trying to be positive and to pass that on to the residents. This will eventually end, we just have to make the best of it, wear our masks and continually wash our hands.

The staff has been doing such a good job.”

Kelly, Care Aide, part of the health care team