Health & Safety

According to Stats Canada, one in five Canadian workers has a back injury. One worker in Canada is injured every six seconds. And every 12.7 seconds, one is permanently disabled. Between 700 and 1,100 Canadian workers die each year from work-related hazards.

These are alarming statistics, especially when you consider that health care has been identified as one of the most dangerous occupations in which to work.

That’s why the Hospital Employees’ Union takes an active role in raising awareness and helping to provide safe working conditions for our members.

Most workplaces have joint occupational health and safety committees that include representatives from different health care unions and the employer. To get contact information for your work site, talk to your local executive or a shop steward.

HEU’s Occupational Health and Safety department has two full-time staff representatives who are resource persons for local OH&S committees. And HEU’s Provincial Executive has an active OH&S subcommittee that deals with a range of health and safety issues.

Our union also collaborates with other groups and organizations to promote safer work environments. Our representatives participate on the B.C. Federation of Labour’s OH&S Standing Committee, and the Workers’ Compensation Board’s Policy and Practice Consultative Committee.

  • To contact HEU’s occupational health and safety representatives, click here.
  • HEU WCB Hotline: 604-456-7186 (Lower Mainland) or toll-free at 1-877-438-5550.