Facilities medical lab assistants’ education fund

Depending on the employer and health authority, Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) members may have an opportunity to apply to a new fund in support of a training program to become qualified medical lab assistants (MLAs).

Participants in the new MLA training program will complete a six- to ten-month certification at a post-secondary institution. In place of wages, employers will fund a weekly stipend of $845 for the duration of the program for participants, as well as provide full compensation for tuition, fees, and the cost of necessary books.

Upon graduation, members will first be placed on the MLA casual list, while they seek to fill regular full-time or part-time MLA vacancies available at the worksite where they completed the education program. If none are available, they can look for opportunities at other worksites the employer operates. 

For those interested in participating, you will be required to meet the post-secondary institution prerequisites and apply through your employer. As part of a commitment to greater diversity and inclusion in the health care system, applicants who identify as Black, Indigenous, or persons of colour are encouraged to apply.

Please speak to your employer about applying.