DEI Update

Update on the DEI project


Over 2020-2021, the following consultations activities took place:

  • In-person consultations: 5 were held on Vancouver Island in 2020.
  • General audience consultation sessions: 10 were held online March 2021
  • “Affinity Sessions”: 6 were held for HEU members who identify as part of an equity-seeking group (Women; People with Disabilities; BIPOC / Ethnic Diversity; Indigenous; Transgender; Non-Binary; Two-Spirit; and LGBQ+)
  • Online survey open from April to mid-May
  • One consultation with the DEI Working Group


A number of common themes emerged from the consultations.
HEU members told us:

  • A “Made-in-HEU Solution” to improve diversity, equity and inclusion is important.
  • Each equity-seeking group—as well as youth—should be represented on the P.E.;
  • Members prefer that these positions be elected in their caucuses by their peers.
  • Growing the size of the P.E. or repurposing the current P.E. positions to include representation from equity-seeking groups and youth are preferable.
  • More education and engagement opportunities are needed for equity-seeking members to build their knowledge and understanding of the union’s structure and decision-making process.


What is the current Provincial Executive structure?

The 22-member Provincial Executive includes two full-time elected officers – the president and the financial secretary – as well as three vice-presidents, a senior trustee, a senior trustee elect (four-year term), an additional trustee, and 13 regional vice-presidents. HEU’s secretary-business manager, a hired position that is ratified by members at Convention, is also a member of the P.E.

Provincial Executive structure
What is the role of the Provincial Executive?

The role of the P.E. is set out in HEU’s Constitution and By-Laws. It is responsible for implementing the goals and policies set by the union’s membership, and guiding the work of the union between conventions.

HEU’s membership Demographics
HEU demographics

A majority of our members are from equity-seeking groups
92% of our members identify as a member of an equity-seeking group
40% of our membership identify with at least two equity-seeking groups


In response to the DEI Working Group’s report and recommendations, the Provincial Executive has submitted one constitutional amendment and two resolutions for consideration at HEU’s 32rd Biennial Convention in November 2021.

  • Resolution 1 – DEI Phase II: This resolutions calls for the implementation of Phase II of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Project and the development of recommendations for the 33rd Biennial Convention
  • Resolution 2 – DEI Phase II – Constitutional Review: This resolution proposes a review of the union’s Constitution and By-laws. Applying a DEI lens, the review will identify the barriers to union participation by equity groups and young workers.
  • Constitutional Amendment 42 – Diversity Vice-Presidents and Young Workers’ Representative: This constitutional amendment proposes to add five Diversity Vice-Presidents and one Young Workers’ Representative to the Provincial Executive. These positions would be elected at convention by Equity caucuses and a Young Workers’ caucus.