Human Rights

HEU Human Rights Policy

HEU has policy designed to protect human rights, prevent bullying and encourage mutual respect within the union.

It defines what is unacceptable behaviour and sets out a complaint procedure to effectively deal with with policy violations.

HEU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

This statement was adopted by HEU delegates at the union’s 31st biennial convention in October 2018.

Please download and post the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement at your work site.

Are you interested in being a regional representative on HEU’s DEI Working Group? If so, find more information here.

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HEU Equity Standing Committees

As a socially conscious union, HEU’s struggle for justice is aimed at ending discrimination and unfair treatment in all its forms – both in the workplace and in society at-large.

That commitment also reaches beyond our own borders to workers in other countries who need our support and solidarity. And it is the cornerstone of our efforts to promote global peace, environmental awareness, and respect for human rights.

Apply to an HEU Equity Standing Committee

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In 1994, HEU established four equity committees to recognize the diversity of our membership and to help end discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. Those working groups officially became standing committees at HEU’s 1996 convention.

And in 2008, delegates to the union’s biennial convention passed a resolution making the Women’s Committee a standing committee as well.

At HEU’s 30th biennial convention in 2016, the First Nations Standing Committee successfully put forth a constitutional amendment to change the committee’s name to the Indigenous Peoples Standing Committee to be more inclusive and accurately reflect Indigenous groups.

Working with HEU’s equity officers, these committees provide outreach and advocacy to HEU members, and work in solidarity with other social justice groups.

Every two years, the caucuses gather at equity conferences to discuss current issues, create action plans, and elect standing committee members.

Representatives from each standing committee sit on national equality committees through the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and CUPE, as well as the Provincial Executive’s Equal Opportunities subcommittee (EOC).

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